Thursday, April 19, 2012

7-KETO® DHEA - 100 mg. Premium Grade (6 Pack) | 60 Veggie Caps. Made in USA.

!9#7-KETO® DHEA - 100 mg. Premium Grade (6 Pack) | 60 Veggie Caps. Made in USA.

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Post Date : Apr 19, 2012 20:51:07

7-Keto is a fairly new scientific breakthrough with profound implications for anti-aging benefits. It is a metabolite of DHEA, however, as we age, production of this critical compound decreases which can lead to wrinkles, sagging skin and weight gain. It was discovered through the efforts of Dr. Henry Lardy and his associates at the Institute for Enzyme Research. They were on a mission to analyze the constituents and metabolites of DHEA so that they could find a way to obtain DHEA's benefits, without its side effect. They succeeded when they discovered 7-Keto.

7-Keto outperformed all other DHEA metabolites and was found to improve memory and immunity while reducing the physical signs of aging. The biggest area of improvement, however, was in weight management. 7-Keto is found to increase and promote thermogenic activity in the body and reduce the storage of weight. This finding is especially important since weight gain is common with age. With supplementation on 7-Keto, it is thought that age-associated weight gain can be drastically reduced.

Our 7-Keto DHEA formula offers 100 mg of this powerful compound. Whether you're interested in weight management or general antiaging benefits 7-Keto is an excellent breakthrough supplement with outstanding results.

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